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Sexual health and wellness matters. That is why we’re addressing it with this consortium. At each age and stage of your patients’ lives, sexual health and wellness should be considered as part of their overall health. As we ease out of the pandemic, the topic is even more important as some issues may have not been addressed during this time.

Do you have regular conversations with your patients? We will stock this site with articles, podcasts, website resources, polls, and quizzes. This will include practical advice for how to approach the topic with your patients, and resources you can offer them as they navigate their own sexual health and wellness journey.

Child protective services (CPS) is supposed to protect against maltreatment for adolescents, but do they help protect against negative outcomes linked to sexual health?

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In this episode of Pap Talk, Gloria Bachmann, MD, MSc, breaks down what it means to be a health care provider for incarcerated individuals, and explores the specific challenges women and their providers face during and after incarceration. Joined by sexual health expert Michael Krychman, MD, Bachmann also discusses trauma-informed care and how providers can get informed.

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Agile Therapeutics, Inc. recently announced a new alliance with Afaxys Pharma, LLC to promote levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol (Twirla) transdermal system.

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The findings support previous research demonstrating that increased access to emergency contraception does not compromise use of other more effective methods or lead to an increase in reported levels of unprotected sexual intercourse, according to Hawkins.

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Many adolescents across the United States lack quality sex education, a trend that has worsened in recent years. Moreover, national statistics mask significant inequities in the receipt of formal sex education by gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and the location of instruction, according to a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Consensus group discussion resulted in a shift from results-based to risk-based management for cervical cancer screening.

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My Sex Doctor

As this app says, this is all the things you want to know about sex, in the palm of your hand. It is available in several versions, with one appropriate for ages 12 and older and one for those 17 and older. With this app, your patients can find information about puberty, relationships, and sex.

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My Pill

This app allows users to set reminders to take their birth control pill, buy new packs, and even schedule appointments. They can also take notes and track any symptoms.

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Young Invincibles

This website provides information regarding sexual and reproductive health coverage under the ACA.

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