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Vol 65 No 08

Expert advice for today's Ob/Gyn: For doctors by doctors

Resources for transgender care

August 14, 2020

Find additional resources for providing high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare to transmasculine people, transgender men, and nonbinary people, whose sex assigned at birth was female.

Terminology for ob/gyns to use when treating transgender patients

August 06, 2020

Transgender and nonbinary people face disproportionate rates of stigma and discrimination in seeking healthcare—and may encounter additional unique barriers in attaining gynecologic and reproductive care.

AUGS: Vaginal Energy-Based Devices

August 05, 2020

This clinical consensus statement on vaginal energy-based devices (EBDs) reflects statements drafted by content experts from the American Urogynecologic Society’s (AUGS) EBD writing group.

Addressing inequalities in women's health research

August 04, 2020

In this month's issue, Contemporary OB/GYN Editor-in-Chief Dr. Catherine Y. Spong talks about the ways in which women's health research has and continues to be marginalized. Addressing these inequalities, Dr. Spong says, demands a change of culture led by committed and accountable leadership.