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Abnormal first trimester gallery

Gynecology Images:


Obstetric Images:


Obstetric Images: 1st Trimester: Abnormal

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Tricuspid Regurgitation - Dr Muktachand and Dr Trupti





Higroma Quistico: (Nuchal Translucency) - Martin Horenstein





SAG Uterus (Transvaginal): Early Pregnancy, IUCD in cervix - Mario Ernesto Libardi





TRV Uterus, Triplet Gestation: Complicated by Small Hemorrhage - SIEMENS





Uterine fibroid (right lateral wall): Nine (9) weeks and 4 days gestation - Mário Libardi, Brazil





Multiplanar 3D Reconstruction: Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy - Saied Mohamed Tohamy





TRV Uterus (Transvaginal): Gravid Bicornuate Uterus - Rovida Roberto and Juan Carlos Pons





TRV Pelvis: Live Ectopic Pregnancy - Mario Ernesto Libardi





COR Fetal Body: Unusual Synechia - Joseph Allen Worrall





COR Uterus (3D Reconstruction): Early Pregnancy in Didephys Uterus - Giancarlo Cordoni





LONG Fetus: Increased NT in T13 Fetus - Juan Carlos Pons





LONG Fetus: Increased Nuchal Translucency - Daniel Cafici





LONG Fetus: Increased Nuchal Translucency - Joseph Allen Worrall





LONG Fetus: Increased Nuchal Translucency - Mario Ernesto Libardi





SAG Fetal Body: Acrania-Anencephaly Sequence - Vicky Taylor





SAG Embryo: Ectopia Cordis in Pentalogy Of Cantrell - Ashley Hill





3D Surface Reconstruction: Omphalocele - Saied Mohamed Tohamy





3D Surface Reconstruction: Omphalocele at 10.5 weeks GA (>9mm diameter) - Juan Carlos Pons





TRV Embryo (Transvaginal): Umbilical Cord Cyst - Mario Ernesto Libardi





3D Surface Reconstruction: Hydrocephalus - Saied Mohamed Tohamy