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Article Conference CoverageFrom the National Congress of Gynecologic Endoscopy, Cancun, Mexico, June-2000

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Dr. Paul Indman:  “This is Dr. Paul Indman, I’m in Cancun, Mexico with Dr. Fernando Gavino.  We’re at the 2nd National Congress of Gynecologic Endoscopy in Cancun.  This has been an absolute fantastic meeting.  Now Dr. Gavino, you are Chair of this meeting, is that correct?”

Dr. Fernando Gavino:  “Yes, me and my colleague from the Association of Yucatan we’re the Chairmans of this 2nd National meeting for Gynecologic Endoscopy.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “How many registrants did you have coming to this meeting?”

Dr. Fernando Gavino:  “There were approximately 350 people, Mexican gynecologists with an interest in gynecologic endoscopy.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “The faculty from this meeting are absolutely world class and coming from all over the world.  Could you mention the names of just some of the faculty at this meeting?”

Dr. Fernando Gavino:  “Yes, we have a lot of the best Professors of the world.  From the United States we have Dr. Paul Indman, Duncan Turner, Antonio Lucciano, and Richard Soderstrom.  From Canada we have Dr. Victor Gomel, Dr. Claude Fortin.  From Australia we have Dr. Terry Vancaille.

Dr. Paul Indman:  “Could you mention some of the topics that were covered in this meeting?”

Dr. Fernando Gavino:  “Yes, at this meeting we covered the main topics of gynecologic endoscopy like the management of endometriosis, laparoscopy, hysterectomy, robotics, infertility, and the surgery of the new millennium ICSE.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “For those of you who were not here, I think it’s important to realize that this is an absolutely fantastic world class meeting and there were small breakout sessions, one-to-one interaction with the faculty, just absolutely outstanding.  I think we’re all looking forward to the meeting next July in 2001 in Puerto Vallarta.  Dr. Gavino, I wish to thank you.”

Dr. Fernando Gavino:  “Thank you, Dr. Indman.”

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