Fibroid Treatment Preparation List


Approximately a week or two before the surgery ask you Doctor if it is ok to take vitamins or herbal sport drinks (certain vitamins, herbs, etc. can cause bleeding).

Before Surgery


  • Approximately a week or two before the surgery ask you Doctor if it is ok to take vitamins or herbal sport drinks (certain vitamins, herbs, etc. can cause bleeding). 
  • Purchase a sports bottle with a flexible straw to hold ice and fluids. 
  • Vacuum and/or clean the floors before the surgery.  You may have some temporary restrictions after the surgery.


  • Prepare a bag for the hospital stay (3-4 days per my GYN)
  • Bring chap stick, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, pajamas or robe, socks, panties.
  • Purchase a magazine or two to read, and some playing cards.
  • Wash your clothes and bed linens a few days before the surgery.
  • Go grocery shopping for really easy things to make when the woman comes home from the Hospital.


  • I packed pajamas but they did not let me use them, as I had to use the hospitals. I also packed about 10 pair of panties and did not use them at all.  The hospital has panties that are not the best looking ones but are very comfortable to wear and to put on.  They gave me 5 more for me to take home.  Socks are important for me so I took a few, you will also need sleepers. 
  • Bring a robe, as you'll need to walk around the hospital's halls.
  • Pack shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and make-up.
  • I'd recommend not taking a cell phone or just turn it off (if you have one).


  • Purchase a few pair of inexpensive oversized underwear.  Your regular size, particularly the elastic waistband, maybe uncomfortable around your incision area.
  • You may not be allowed or able to go up and down stairs in your home.  Bring everything down to the first floor that you may need, i.e. changes of clothing so that you don't have to use the stairs. 
  • Arrange the furniture so you can sleep comfortably and safely on the first floor. 
  • Remove all your jewelry before you leave for the hospital.  They will not let you wear anything during surgery.
  • Pack the phone numbers of people you will call from the hospital.
  • Don't wear contact lens, wear glasses.  If you don't have glasses bring your lens case because you will need to remove your contacts before surgery.

After Surgery


  • I used to walk for 5 minutes every hour or two, just to move a little bit and it also helps with gases.   
  • A few days after surgery, I walked about 10 or 15 minutes.


  • Have a friend/family member go to the pharmacy and pick-up your prescription medication before you leave the Hospital.  
  • Wear loose clothes - elastic or zippers may irritate the abdomen or incision. 
  • Some women like to sleep on a recliner or rocker instead of the bed.


  • If you have had abdominal surgery, your abdominal muscles have been cut.  You will not be able to lean backwards, such as when you rinse your hair in the shower. 
  • Ask for a "hot pack" if you have gas pain.  The warmth will help with the pain.
  • Bring a small, soft pillow.  It is very painful to cough or sneeze post-abdominal surgery.  The idea with the pillow is to offer support by gently pressing back as you cough.  It does help a little bit.
  • Move a phone close to you so you don't have to get up to answer it or get a wireless one.
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