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In case you missed it: Jan. 10 to Jan. 14

Here's what you missed this week from Contemporary OB/GYN®

Provider bias in contraceptive counseling

Often based on racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and age-based assumptions

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Mirvie RNA test aims to predict pregnancy complications

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Teens in the US lacking quality sex education

Many adolescents across the United States lack quality sex education, a trend that has worsened in recent years. Moreover, national statistics mask significant inequities in the receipt of formal sex education by gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and the location of instruction, according to a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Female contraception policies at US prisons and jails

Half of prisons and over 80% of jails in the United States allowed postpartum permanent contraception, according to a study in the journal Contraception.

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