International Congress on Infertility and ART

Article Conference CoverageFrom the ISGE congress in Australia on the Gold Coast

Dr. James Carter: I am visiting with Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar, who is the Organizing Secretary for the Year 2000 for the Indian Society for the International Workshop at the Residential Beach resort meeting on infertility and assisted reproductive technology. Dr. Mangeshikar, tell me about the program.

Dr. Mangeshikar: This is regarding the Residential Beach Resort International Congress on Infertility and ART which will be held in Goa from October 5th to the 8th of this year. This congress has been endorsed by several societies. For example, the German Society of Reproductive Medicine, The German Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, The Middle East Fertility Society, The Egyptian Society of Gynaecological Laparoscopists, Society of Indian Scientists Abroad & the Asian Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy. We will have this meeting at a 5 star beach resort, the Taj Exotica, which boasts the largest pillar-less conference hall in Goa, where more than 500 delegates can be accommodated. This "ART in Y2K" meeting will be preceded by a pre-Congress workshop for embryologists. We are also having cable relayed live endoscopy endoscopic fertility enhancing surgery workshop, which will be done for the first time in the Union Territory of Goa. Now Goa, is God's Own Abode and we promise you wonderful weather, good food, especially if you like seafood. So we welcome to Goa.

Dr. Carter: Prashant, your work is very much involved in both reproductive technology and laparoscopic surgery. We call you "the flying endoscopist" because you spend so much time training people and I want to thank you for the work that you have done, personally, in training so many surgeons and gynecologists all over the world. Could you tell about some of your most recent adventures that you have taken, because I know that you have traveled a great deal around the world and perhaps the last meeting you were at and also about the work you are doing here with the ISGE as a Board Member from India for the International Society?

Dr. Mangeshikar: While being the one of the Asian representatives on the Board of the of the ISGE, I plan to cover most of the countries within Asia in my span as a Board Committee member trying to teach endoscopic surgery and reach areas where endoscopic surgery has never reached before and invite some of the ideas from the people out there who are already doing endoscopic surgery. We have had training programs in Japan and now in the Philippines and we are having regular programs in the Philippines with Manila as the base and then we move on to smaller areas like Baguio, Davao and Cebu. So that is the plan for this year and also in Thailand, we will be having one more meeting like this.

Dr. Carter: Prashant, how can people reach you on the Internet?. I know you have a very large program for education and communication through the Internet. Can you let our communicators know how to reach you personally?

Dr. Mangeshikar: Currently I am available at my email address, which is We are developing our website and as soon as I get to know the details and my server address, I will send it to you.

Dr. Carter: Prashant, thank you very much for your time and this is James Carter, out in Australia, on the Gold Coast, at the ISGE congress. 

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