Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices (I.U.C.D.)


Presented by Dr. Narayan M. Patel M.D., D.G.O. FICSEmeritus Professor Muni. Medical collegePostal address-Mahalaxmi Institute of Medical Teaching,3, Shantiniketan park, Naranpura,Nr. Sardar Patel Colony,AHMEDABAD- 380 014 (Gujarat) INDIA E mail:-

(Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices)

Presented by
Dr. Narayan M. Patel
Emeritus Professor Muni. Medical college

Postal address-
Mahalaxmi Institute of Medical Teaching,
3, Shantiniketan park, Naranpura,
Nr. Sardar Patel Colony,
AHMEDABAD- 380 014 (Gujarat) INDIA

E mail:-

I.U.C.D Users
Worldwide - 1981
70% - China
13% - Europe
6% - Asian countries
4% - U.S. & Canada

Varieties of I.U.C.D.'s seen in the Ortho I.U.D. collection.
The History of Contraceptive Museum

A, B, and C are Grafenberg rings made of silver coil. Next is the Zipper Grafenberg ring, the Birnberg bow and last is Hall-stone ring of stainless steel.

Other Varieties of the closed type of I.U.C.D.

Commonly used and popular I.U.C.D.s, used in CHINA
1-Single Stainless Steel
2-Double Coil-mahua ring
3-Canton flower with flexible plastic petals
4-Shanghi copper V 200

First modern I.U.C.D popular world wide. Made of Polyethylene incorporated with Barium Sulphate and it has 2 tails. Developed by Jack Lippes of U.S.A. in 1962

Dr. Lippe is seen in the picture. He is the first person on the left. Photographed by this author, not seen. Year 2000 at the World Congress of Ob/Gyn Washington D.C.

Lippes loop was introduced in India with a lot of enthusiasm and publicity in 1964-65.
The reasons for its rejection were:
1) It was supplied in unsterile condition and had to be sterilized by immersing in antiseptic solution before insertion.
2) Even general practitioners and paramedical staff were allowed to put in the Lippes loop.
Many complications like perforation of uterus, infection and failure were reported. It was rejected by people in just a few years.

Injection molded ethylene vinyl copolymer with barium sulfate added. Developed by Ralph R. Robinson of the U.S.A. in 1965. Tail-2 green threads Distributor-Schimid Laboratories

Copper 7 or Gravigard
copper wire of 200 sq. mm. wrapped on a vertical stem. Developed by Jaime Zipper and Harvey Abranson (Chile) Year-1974

Multi load
250 sq. mm of surface area wrapped on vertical stem. Developed in 1984 by Multilan S.A. (Switzerland). Popular in western Europe and Indonesia.
Multi load I.U.C.D. available in different sizes.

Multi load with I.U.C.D. inserter

The 3rd generation IUCD
•High efficiacy
•The confidence of long-term experience
•Easy to load
•Simple to insert and remove
•Low explusion rate
•4 year intra-uterine lifetime

TCu380 A & TCu380 Ag TCu380A-copper wire of 380 TCu380Ag. Copper wire has a silver core to prevent copper fragmenting. Developed in 1982 by Ortho Canada & others. Popular in Canada.

First generation I.U.C.D. is Lippes loop
Second generation I.U.C.D. is Copper T-200
Third generation I.U.C.D. is Gyne-T 380 With 4 years Intra uterine life

Developed by I.F.R.P. Contains slowly biodegradable copolymer on arms of TCu-380Ag.
I.U.C.D. for post partum insertion.

Levonorgestrel I.U.D.20
A capsule on the stem contains a mixture of silicon rubber and 60mg of Progestin (Levonorgestrel). Developed by steroid research Laboratory-Finland. Levonorgestrel, 60mg releasing 20mcg per day estimated to last 7 years. Forth generation I.U.G.D.

The newer third and fourth generation I.U.C.D.'s are now available in sterile condition. And ready to use. Some of them are medicated or impregnated with Progestin hormones.

When properly inserted, with aseptic precautions, by an experienced gynecologist should result in minimal failures and expulsions.

I.U.C.D.'s are still the cheapest and easiest, one time procedure, giving contraceptive assurance for 3 to 5 years and with good return to fertility, after its removal.

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