"PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic"


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) (also correctly called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a complex, broad-spectrum hormonal disturbance affecting the entire body with numerous implications for a woman's long-term health and quality of life.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) (also correctly called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a complex, broad-spectrum hormonal disturbance affecting the entire body with numerous implications for a woman's long-term health and quality of life. PCOS is the most common hormonal disturbance of pre-menopausal women and is a leading cause of infertility, but infertility is not the only problem PCOS creates. Common symptoms unrelated to fertility include obesity, abnormal hair growth, skin problems, and abnormal menstrual periods. Additionally, we now know that PCOS has far longer-term health consequences. Women with PCOS have at least 7 times the risk of heart attack and heart disease than other women, are at risk for hypertension, and by the age of 40, 40% of PCOS patients develop Type 2 diabetes. Because often individual symptoms of the syndrome have been presented one at a time to a variety of professionals (gynecologists, dermatologists, internists, hair removal specialists) PCOS has been in the closet for far too long, underestimated both in prevalence and importance. The spectrum is beginning to receive the attention it deserves through interest and research. Even popular women's magazines including Cosmopolitan, Elle, Redbook and Ladies Home Journal have recently published articles on PCOS. There are hundreds of visitors each day to sites on the internet dedicated to PCOS. Yet there has been no comprehensive source of information available to PCOS sufferers. until now. Dr. Thatcher's book is
an exciting first in this field!
IBSN 0-944934-25-0  hardcover, 400+ pages, $24.95
The official publication date will be September, 2000 - you may pre-order from Perspectives Press.com


"Dr. Sam Thatcher is a renowned expert in Reproductive Endocrinology. He brings to the field both scientific and clinical expertise. This fine book provides superb explanation, insight, and direction in regards to the polycystic ovarian syndrome. In a comprehensive yet easy to read format, Thatcher has provided a text that has all the answers (known at this time) in regards to this complex disease entity - polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is a unique contribution."
  --Alan DeCherney, MD, Editor Fertility and Sterility. Past president, American Society for Reproductive Medicine

"As a woman with PCOS, I spent many years searching for answers to the multitude of problems that plagued me: acne, irregular cycles, excess hair, weight problems and infertility. Over the years, as my symptoms increased I felt increasingly stripped of both my physical health and my femininity. Deep down, I thought that there had to be a connection between all of my seemingly disparate problems but neither I
nor my doctors were able to recognize that connection. Thankfully, times are changing, in no small part due to doctors like Samuel Thatcher. Dr. Thatcher was one of the earliest advocates for PCOS awareness. He recognized the connections, realizing that this is a syndrome which crosses medical boundaries, and began treating the whole woman rather than the individual symptoms. His knowledge in the fields of gynecology and endocrinology are only surpassed by his depth of understanding and compassion for the women afflicted with this syndrome. He is a true champion of women with PCOS!"
  --Kristin Hellman Rencher, Executive Director, PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome Association, Inc.

"Dr. Thatcher provides the reader with understandable and straightforward information about PCOS. This book is a vital and much-needed resource for patients as it empowers them to gain a better understanding of PCOS' life-long issues and take back control back of their lives."
  --Pamela Madsen, Executive Director, The American Infertility Association

"Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common and complex endocrine disorder. While much has been learned in recent years regarding its causes and treatments, much remains unanswered. For women diagnosed with PCOS, there has not been a single authoritative source of information written with the patient in mind. Now, Dr. Thatcher has filled that gap. This text is an informative, readable, and useful source of information for patients and their families. Dr. Thatcher conveys his expertise in this area to those who need it most. I will recommend this book to anyone who has or is interested in learning more about PCOS."
  --David Ehrmann, MD, University of Chicago, Center for PCOS

"As an INCIID advisory board member and PCOS Forum moderator on the Internet, Samuel Thatcher, M.D., has helped drag this debilitating syndrome out of the closet and enabled thousands of women to find relief from their symptoms. In his book, PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic, Dr. Thatcher takes his distinctive, conversational style, mixed with solid science, and provides the most comprehensive overview of PCOS
to date. He gives women the ammunition they need to insist upon appropriate diagnostic testing and the new and successful treatments that can help overcome hormonal disturbances and dramatically improve the quality of their lives."
  --Theresa Venet Grant, President, INCIID




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