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ACOG District VII Meeting - St. Louis, Missouri, USA 2000


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Bruce Speyer: “Hello, this is Bruce Speyer and we’re at the District VII ACOG Meeting being held today in St. Louis. I’m talking with Jim Martin, the incoming Chair, in fact, the incoming Chair of one hour of the District VII ACOG. Jim is a Professor and Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Jackson Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Jim, could you tell us a little bit about what District VII ACOG is?”

Dr. Jim Martin: “Sure, District VII ACOG is one of ten districts in the United States and it includes the south central part of the United States, nine states, as well as the countries of Panama and Mexico.”

Bruce Speyer: “That’s interesting, we know you have some upcoming projects of interest with District VII, could you please tell us a little bit about that?”

Dr. Jim Martin: “Our function in the college is mainly educational and support of women’s healthcare. The District VII area is and has been particularly active in a number of things; we have several task forces going on now to improve the supply of medical equipment across the border to Mexico. We also have task forces active in teenage pregnancy, awareness and prevention, and in terms of improving the computer connectivity of our members to our organization so that we can do a better job of sharing information back and forth. Some of the things I want to really encourage as new initiatives for my upcoming three year tenure as District Chair is to work with the fellows and junior fellows in our district to improve our educational vehicles, continue to work to improve our connectivity by via computer, and to work to improve our educational offerings to our Mexican fellows across the border. We’re also looking at how we can do a better job with our district meetings and our educational content there. We’re also interested in how we can involve more fellows in the district in our activities.”

Bruce Speyer: “Thank you very much, Dr. Martin, for sharing your upcoming plans for District VII with OBGYN.net. They sound very interesting, and we wish you the best of luck”

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