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Judith A. Norris, RNP


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"What are the sources of widely used estrogen?"

October 14, 2011

Is a question, I am frequently asked, most women are unaware that estrogens are derived by animals or plants. So, here's the list I used with my patients:

Rekindling Romance at Mid-Life

October 07, 2011

All week, you would plan what to wear and think of how it was going to be. Your heart beat with excitement as you thought of what might happen that night... The day of the date arrived, you took special care with your hygiene. You placed perfume behind your knees, etc. made sure you wore your prettiest and cleanest lingerie, and you were ready.. So, was he, as he too planned for this special night. "Pleasurable Anticipation"

What Are "Designer Estrogens"?

October 07, 2011

Designer estrogens, SERMS, are two terms currently being used to describe the actions of a medication that acts as an estrogen on one tissue and an anti-estrogen on others. The ideal estrogen medication would switch of or off the effects of estrogen at different sites in the woman's body.