Author | Ilana Cass, MD


The value of GBCA in MRI images

November 04, 2019


These ten images can help ob/gyns recognize the additional information GBCA administration provides in MRIs.

8 examples of how GBCA improves MRI

October 03, 2019


Gadolinium-based intravenous contrast agents (GBCA) provide additional information based on signal intensity changes after GBCA administration. 

Gadolinium-based contrast in breast MRI: What ob/gyns need to know

September 19, 2019


Concerns have been raised about the safety of GBCA. Experts review the latest data to support counseling of patients who may have repeated exposure.

Breast cancer risk assessment and screening

December 07, 2018


An examination of ACOG’s updated guidelines on breast cancer screening recommendations for the average-risk woman.