LARC in the time of COVID and telehealth: Part 1

March 31, 2021

This video interview features Rachael Phelps, MD, Medical Director at Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York, and of the Rochester LARC Initiative; and Amber Truehart, MD, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research at the University of Chicago.

COVID Impact on Testing, Role of Telehealth and How that is Impacting Access to Care

March 19, 2021

This KCast features Jeanne Sheffield, MD, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at John Hopkins Medicine, and Aparna Sridhar, MD, MPH, an ob/gyn at UCLA Health as they discuss COVID's impact on testing, telehealth, and care accessibility.

The Management of Chronic Gynecologic Conditions During COVID and Beyond

March 15, 2021

Experts discuss management of women’s health including chronic pelvic pain resulting from endometriosis and heavy menstrual bleeding from uterine fibroids. They also discuss ways to help improve patient-provider communications and overcome the normalization associated with non-malignant gynecological conditions.